• Sophia E Abbot

    Sophia E Abbot

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; student-faculty partnership; co-creation; high impact practices; critical pedagogy; educational development

  • Quentin Renard Alexander
  • LaShonda Anthony

    LaShonda Anthony

    Director for Academic Integrity and Initiatives in University Life

    intersection of spirituality and higher education environments; diversity in higher education


  • Breana Bayraktar

    Breana Bayraktar


    faculty development, alternative grading practices, multilingual students, community college students, scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)

  • Canaan Bethea

    Canaan Bethea

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Sarah Bogdewiecz

    Sarah Bogdewiecz

    Graduate Research Assistant

    grassroots and non-positional leadership; organizational change; professional identity; professionalism; professional staff; workplace equity; gender and work


  • P Daniel Chen

    P Daniel Chen


    Associate Professor

    Higher Education Accountability and Institutional Effectiveness; Assessment of Student Learning and Student Success; Ethics and Spirituality in Higher Education; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education

  • Hollie M Chessman

    Hollie M Chessman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Kaitlin Cicchetti

    Kaitlin Cicchetti

    Director of Advancement for University Life

    Internationalization of higher education; International branch campuses; Student transitions to college

  • Amanda Corso

    Amanda Corso

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • David Powers Corwin

    David Powers Corwin

    Assistant Professor

    LGBTQ+ Studies; friendship studies; television studies; trauma rhetoric; gender and sexuality in Appalachia; role of gender equity centers in higher education


  • David Farris

    David Farris

    Director, Safety and Emergency Management, Environmental Health and Safety

    organizational behavior; university governance; organizational citizenship behavior; university committees and teams

  • Erin Fay

    Erin Fay

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Jennifer Friberg

    Jennifer Friberg

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Chrystal A. George Mwangi

    Chrystal A. George Mwangi

    Associate Professor

    Structures of opportunity for historically underrepresented, immigrant, and international students moving into and through higher education; mobility, migration, and the internationalization of higher education; African and African Diaspora populations in higher education; race, diversity, and equity in higher education

  • Jonathan Goldman

    Jonathan Goldman

    Director of IT and Security, College of Engineering and Computing

  • Jeff K. Grim

    Jeff K. Grim

    Assistant Professor

    Organizational Behavior; Organizational Theory; Academic Careers & Leadership; Student Access & Success; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • Holly Herrera

    Holly Herrera

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Kimberly Holmes

    Kimberly Holmes

    Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Health and Human Services

    Retention; Women and under-represented students and faculty in STEM; Diversity and inclusion; College access; Policy

  • Amber Holton-Thomas, Ph.D.

    Amber Holton-Thomas, Ph.D.


    Higher education, federal financial aid policy, Pell Grants, Women in higher education, nontraditional and contemporary students in higher education, critical quantitative methods, critical theory

  • Joy Hughes

    Joy Hughes

    Senior Advisor: East Asia. Professor: Volgenau School of Engineering

    Partnerships, particularly international partnership




  • Jennifer Lynn Lebron
  • Amy L. Lewis

    Amy L. Lewis

    Associate Professor

    International Education; Intercultural Development; Teaching & Learning

  • Sally Lorentson

    Sally Lorentson

    Associate Dean of University Life

    Student transitions to college; College student alcohol and drug use; Student athletes; Scholar-practitioners in student affairs

  • Nance Lucas

    Nance Lucas

    Associate Professor

    Ethics, positive psychology, and leadership

  • Casey L Lukszo

    Casey L Lukszo

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Creston Lynch

    Creston Lynch




  • Hironao Okahana

    Hironao Okahana

    Adjunct Faculty

    Assistant Vice President for Research & Insights, American Council on Education, Washington, DC

  • Julie E. Owen

    Julie E. Owen

    Associate Professor

    the intersections of leadership identity and women’s adult development, critical and emancipatory research methods, the scholarship of liberatory leadership teaching and learning.


  • Eunkyoung Park

    Eunkyoung Park

    Research Associate

    College student access and success, quantitative research methodology, survey research, higher education policy, financial aid and college scholarship, institutional research, assessment, international comparative education

  • Hannah Park

    Hannah Park

    Graduate Program Assistant

    International Higher Education Institutional Development, The Future of Higher Education, Education Policy Implementation and Evaluation



  • Kelly Schrum

    Kelly Schrum


    scholarship of teaching and learning, history of higher education, online learning, scholarly digital storytelling, digital humanities

  • Blake Silver

    Blake Silver

    Associate Professor

    Higher education; inequality and mobility; culture; race, class, and gender; parent and family involvement in education; transition to adulthood; research methods; second-generation immigrant students

  • Nate Sleeter

    Nate Sleeter

    Research Assistant Professor

    Gifted children, cultural history, teaching and learning, digital

  • Maria Claudia Soler Salazar

    Maria Claudia Soler Salazar

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Peter N. Stearns

    Peter N. Stearns

    Distinguished University Professor

    Modern European and American and comparative social history, history of emotions, world history


  • Osman Tariq

    Osman Tariq

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Jonathan M Turk

    Jonathan M Turk

    Adjunct Faculty

    College student success and completion; community colleges; higher education policy; advanced quantitative methods



  • Aoi Yamanaka

    Aoi Yamanaka

    Assistant Professor

    social justice issues in higher education, cultural leadership, and civic engagement in a diverse environment