Kelly Schrum

Kelly Schrum

Kelly Schrum


scholarship of teaching and learning, history of higher education, online learning, scholarly digital storytelling, digital humanities

Kelly Schrum is a professor in the Higher Education Program (College of Humanities and Social Sciences, George Mason University). Her research and teaching focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning, history of higher education, and teaching and learning in the digital age, including online learning, scholarly digital storytelling, and digital humanities. She is the co-editor for Teaching and Learning Inquiry, the journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL).

Schrum has directed more than 50 digital humanities projects with funding from federal and state agencies, foundations, and schools. Recent examples include Unpacking the History of Higher EducationHistory of Higher Education, and World History Commons.

Schrum has published widely, including recent articles on scholarly digital storytelling and teaching historical thinking in hybrid and online settings, and presents her work nationally and internationally. Schrum received her B.A. in history and anthropology from U.C. Berkeley and her M.A. and Ph.D. in history from Johns Hopkins University.

Current Research

Expanding college success through augmented reality (AR)

Scholarly digital storytelling

Teaching and learning the history of higher education in the U.S.

Inquiry-based learning in hybrid and online classrooms

Selected Publications

Schrum, K. (forthcoming 2024). Learning to be “fearlessly creative”: SoTL research on scholarly digital storytelling. In Hays, L., McCollum, B., & Miller-Young, J. (eds). Educational Technology and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Asking Questions about our Practices.

Schrum, K. (2024). “Things are always changing”: Making history relevant for student affairs professionals. New Directions for Student Services: Special Issue SOTLP in Student Affairs. Eds. A. Gansemer-Topf, L. McCloud, & J. Braxton. Wiley Periodicals, LLC. 

Schrum, K., Abbot, S., Loughry, A., & Catalano, D. (2024). “I wanted to know!”: Engaging learners in the history of higher education through an authentic digital assessment. The History Teacher 57(2). 

Catalano, D., Schrum, K., Fay, E., & Abbot, S. (2023). ‘I can learn from the past’: Making the history of higher education relevant through social justice education pedagogy. The History Teacher. 56(3): 367-386.

Loughry, A., Abbot, S., & Schrum, K. (2023). Developing digital skills through a student-facilitated asynchronous learning activity. The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, 22.

Schrum, K. (2023). “Expanding our pedagogical imagination”: Faculty experiences with technology-enhanced assessment across disciplines. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 17(1): 1-9.

Schrum, K., Majury, N., Simonelli, A. L., & *Bogdewiecz, S. (2022). Audience matters: Multimodal projects across three international case studies. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 10, 1-17.

Schrum, K., & *Bogdewiecz, S. (2021 Online First). Cultivating research skills through scholarly digital storytelling. Higher Education Research & Development.

Schrum, K. (2022). Developing student capacity to produce scholarly digital work. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education.

Schrum, K., Majury, N., & Simonelli, A. L. (2021). Authentic and transformative learning through scholarly digital storytelling across disciplines and borders. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 9(2), 1-16.

Expanded Publication List

Book Chapters

Schrum, K. (2021). Scholarly digital storytelling: Enhancing academic research and digital literacy. In Hays, L. & Kammer, J. (eds). Integrating digital literacy in the disciplines (pp. 42-55). Sterling, VA, Stylus Publishing.

Schrum, K., *Sleeter, N., & *Tường Vy Sharpe, C. (2014, 2015). How we learned to drop the quiz: Writing in online asynchronous courses. In J. Dougherty & T. O’Donnell (Eds.). WebWriting: Why and how for liberal arts teaching and learning. Ann Arbor, MI, University of Michigan Press/Trinity College ePress. (article viewed 603 times)


Schrum, K., Gevinson, A., & Rosenzweig, R. (Eds.) (2004, 2008 2nd ed.). History matters: A student guide to U.S. history online. New York, NY, Bedford/St. Martin’s Press.

Lehner, K., Schrum, K., & Kelly, T. M. (Eds.) (2008) World history matters: A student guide to history online. New York, NY, Bedford/St. Martin’s Press.

Schrum, K. (2004, 2006). Some wore bobby sox: The emergence of teenage girls’ culture, 1920-1950. New York, NY, Palgrave-Macmillan.

Professional Articles | Reports

Schrum, K., Sleeter, N., *Tường Vy Sharpe, C., & Pellegrino, A. (2015). What the teacup said to the tartan: Students reveal the historical narratives hidden in everyday objects. The American Historian.

Schrum, K., Kortecamp, K., Rosenfeld, J., Briscoe, K., & Steeves, K. (2014). The power of historical site visits to transform history teaching and learning. What are history teachers learning at historic sites? American Educational Research Association Report.

*Tường Vy Sharpe, C., Schrum, K., & *Sleeter, N. (2014, June 30). Beyond flipping classrooms. Inside Higher Ed: Higher Ed Beta.

Schrum, K. & Rosenfeld, J. (2012). Take a walk on the historical side. Office of Innovation and Improvement Blog. U.S. Department of Education. Washington, D.C.

Grants and Fellowships


Principal Investigator. (2023-2025). Expanding pathways to higher education for underserved populations through an augmented reality (AR) campus tour. 4-VA and ADVANCE.

Principal Investigator. (2023-2024). Unpacking the history of higher education in the United States. National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Institutes for Higher Education Faculty 

Principal Investigator. (2020-2022). Reimagining the history of higher education in the digital age. 4VA grant extension in collaboration with Virginia Tech, College of William and Mary, University of Virginia, and James Madison University.

Principal Investigator. (2020-2023). Expanding the commons: Supporting emerging world history scholars and community colleges through the World History Commons OER. American Council of Learned Societies Digital Extension Grant.

Principal Investigator. (2018-2021). World history commons. Digital Humanities Advancement Grant. National Endowment for the Humanities.

Courses Taught

  • HE 703: Higher education in the digital age
  • HE 704: Scholarship of teaching and learning
  • HE 721: Higher education in the United States
  • HE 707/HIST 688: Scholarly digital storytelling
  • HIST 689: Teaching and learning history in the digital age


M.A., Ph.D., History, Johns Hopkins University.

B.A., History and Anthropology, UC Berkeley.

Recent Presentations

Schrum, K. (forthcoming, February 2025). Keynote. SoTL Summit. [Savannah, GA, USA].

Schrum, K. (forthcoming, January 2025). Artificial intelligence in history education. American Historical Association. [New York City, NY, USA].

Gansemer-Topf, A., Dean, S.R., Schrum, K., Morris, M., Giblin, J., & Mckenzie, B.L. (2024, March 12). Enhancing the scholarship of teaching and learning for graduate preparation faculty. NASPA. [Seattle, WA].

Loughry, A. & Schrum, K. (2024, March 6). Developing Digital Skills through a Student-Facilitated Open Educational Resource. Open Education Talks 2024. University of Calgary, Thompson Rivers University, University of Alberta. [Virtual]

Schrum, K., Mårtensson, K., Kupatadze, K., McGowan, S., Ostrowdun, C., & Lofgreen, J. (2023, November 9). Teaching & Learning Inquiry: A Conversation with the Editorial Team. Workshop at the annual meeting of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. [Utrecht, Netherlands].

Watson, K., Fleischner, C., Schrum, K., & Mårtensson, K. (2023, November 10). Encouraging new scholars: the SoTL peer reviewer of journals mentor program. Workshop at the annual meeting of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. [Utrecht, Netherlands].

Schrum, K. (2023, October 16). Going public: A conversation about the changing landscape of publishing in faculty teaching and development. To Improve the Academy / POD Academic Writing Scholars: Editor’s Panel. American Educational Research Association & POD Network. [Online]

Schrum, K. (2023, September 22). “Things are always changing”: Making History Relevant for Student Affairs Professionals.” Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Summit. [Virtual]

Schrum, K. (2023, February 2). Teaching and learning with scholarly digital storytelling. Institute of World Languages. University of Virginia. [Online].

Schrum, K., *Abbot, S., & Catalano, C. (2022, January 8). History of higher education: Students making sense of primary sources by designing asynchronous learning activities. Digital poster at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association. New Orleans, LA.

*Abbot, S., Schrum, K., *Fong, W.L., *Loughry, A., & *Hernandez, R. (2021, October 28). Designing digital activities for authentic learning. Panel presentation at the annual meeting of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning  [virtual].

Majury, N., Schrum, K., & Simonelli, A.L. (2021, October 26). Zeitgeist? Digital literacy and transformative learning through authentic academic digital projects. Panel presentation at the annual meeting of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning [virtual].

Majury, N., Schrum, K., & Simonelli, A.L. (2021, October 8). Zeitgeist? Digital literacy and transformative learning through authentic academic digital projects. Paper presentation at the annual SoTL Summit [virtual].

In the Media

Gillooly, E. (2023, December 18). 4-VA@Mason Funding Smartphone App to Support Transfer Students. 4-VA.

CHSS News. (2023, December 1). Higher Ed grad students turn to the MIX to communicate institutional values. CHSS. George Mason University. 

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O’Brien, M. (2023, August 21). Mason faculty awarded three NEH grants. Mason News.

Higher Education Program. (2023, August 16). Dr. Schrum and Dr. Sleeter awarded NEH grant.

Koehler, K. (2023, August 11). Unpacking the history of higher education: A journey into the past for future leaders.

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Hollis, J. (2020, June 18). Mason team receives grant to expand the World History Commons project

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Dissertations Supervised

Allison Omohundro, Teacher Perceptions of Language Learning and Social Presence in a Blended Learning Community College ESL Course (2019)

William Schutz, Affective Pedagogy: A Case Study Describing the Impact of Affective Instructional Interventions in a Community College Composition Course (2017)

Lyda Kiser, Instruction and Assessment Technique Choices of Adjunct Humanities and Social Science Instructors in Virginia Community Colleges (2017)

Sarah Sweetman, Forging Family: Creating and Perpetuating Collective Memory in Families with Children Adopted from China (2013)

Dissertations Supervised Outside of CHSS

Will Hatheway. (in progress).

Sophia Abbot. Learning and Teaching Through Co-Creation in Feminist Classrooms. (in progress)

Wai Ling Fong. Short- and Long-term Impact of the Online Course Design Primer on Faculty’s Online Teaching Practices. (in progress)

Omar Aziz. Afghan American Racial and Ethnic Identity Development in Higher Education. (in progress)

Kelly DeSenti. Investigating Dual Enrollment Policy to Enhance Student Access and Success: An Instrumental Multiple Case Study. (2023).

Saleha Bholat. Are we socializing them for success? An analysis of new full-time community college faculty needs. (2023)

Leticia Guzman. The impact of a STEM summer bridge program on underrepresented minorities. (2021).

Meghan Arias. Disability Divide in Higher Education. (2019).

Jonathan Hsu. Investigating the Professional Practices of Adjunct Faculty. (2019).

Seth Hudson. Approaching a Pedagogy of Game Writing. (2018).

Joshua Yavelberg. Discovering the Pedagogical Paradigm Inherent in Introductory Art History Survey Courses, A Delphi Study. (2016).

Jeff Freels. Exploring the Utility of Microblogging as a Tool for Formal Content-Based Learning in the Community College History Classroom. (2015).