Degrees and Certificates

The Higher Education Program offers two graduate certificates and two concentrations within the MA in interdisciplinary studies.

In collaboration with the Graduate School of Education, the Higher Education Program also offers a higher education specialization in the PhD in education.


PhD in PhD in Education Specialization in Higher Education

MA in Higher Education and Student Development

Higher Education concentration in the MAIS in Interdisciplinary Studies

This concentration prepares individuals for student affairs positions in colleges and universities or in associations and government agencies whose activities impact higher education.

Graduate Certificate in College Teaching

This certificate is for graduate students planning a career in post-secondary education. It offers courses that develop pedagogical skills, explore pedagogical assessment or scholarship, and enhance the use of technology in instruction.

Higher Education Pedagogy concentration in the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration

This certificate is for students who are planning or enhancing a career in administrative positions in higher education. The certificate provides core knowledge of administrative processes in the context of higher education institutions.