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  • Jeannie Brown Leonard

    Jeannie Brown Leonard

    Dean of Student Academic Affairs – Advising, Retention, and Transitions (Provost Office)

    Academic advising; Retention and degree completion; Student success; Academic policy; Transfer students; Integrative learning; Interdisciplinary theory


  • David Farris

    David Farris

    Director, Safety and Emergency Management, Environmental Health and Safety

    organizational behavior; university governance; organizational citizenship behavior; university committees and teams


  • Kimberly Holmes

    Kimberly Holmes

    Assistant Dean and Director of Retention and Student Success

    Retention; Women and under-represented students and faculty in STEM; Diversity and inclusion; College access; Policy


  • Eunkyoung Park

    Eunkyoung Park

    Research Associate

    College student access and success, quantitative research methodology, survey research, higher education policy, financial aid and college scholarship, institutional research, assessment, international comparative education