Hannah Park

Hannah Park

Hannah Park

Graduate Program Assistant

International Higher Education Institutional Development, The Future of Higher Education, Education Policy Implementation and Evaluation

Mason Korea's 10th Anniversary Events: Songdo, South Korea

Hannah Park is a PhD candidate in the Higher Education Program at George Mason University. She formerly worked as the Graduate Professional Assistant in the Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President in collaboration with George Mason University Korea.

She served as the 2023-2024 Presidential Intern for the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA).

Selected Publications

EU-RoK Policy Dialogue Support Facility (PDSF). (2020-2023). [Forthcoming] Facilitating European Union-South Korea Higher Education Exchanges: In-depth analysis and strategic recommendations. European Commission. 

Grants and Fellowships

Conference Grant, NAFSA Annual Conference, 2024

Conference Grant, Faculty Women of Color in the Academy National Conference, 2024

2024 AIEA Annual Conference (Sponsored by Lorenzo de' Medici Institute), 2024

CEHD Doctoral Study Fellowship, AY 2023-2024

NASPA Foundation Access Scholarship, 2023 

Mentoring for Anti-Racism & Inclusive Excellence (MARIE) Program, Spring 2023

CEHD Doctoral Study Fellowship, AY 2022-2023

NAFSA Travel Grant (Region VIII), 2022

CEHD Doctoral Study Fellowship, AY 2021-2022



Master of Public Policy, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, South Korea

B.A. (International Business), The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Recent Presentations

Park, H. (2024, April 26). Evaluating U.S. Branch Campus K Graduates' Workforce Transition [Poster Presentation]. DC Consortium Student Conference on Evaluation and Policy (DCSCEP), Washington, DC, USA. 

Park, H., & May, J. (2023, November 8). Internationalizing Students: The Best Practices and Lessons Learned from George Mason University’s Global Initiatives [Conference Presentation]. 2023 NAFSA Regional Conference, Roanoke, Va, USA.

Park, H. (2023, June 1). Mason Korea: International Branch Campus of George Mason University [Poster Presentation]. 2023 NAFSA Annual Conference, Washington, DC, USA.