Adrienne White

Adrienne White

Adrienne White


Transfer students, sense of belonging, student success, retention, and college student development

Dr. Adrienne White is currently the Director of the Student Success Coaching unit in the division of University Life at George Mason University.  She is also an adjunct faculty member with Undergraduate Education.  As the Director of Student Success Coaching, Dr. White has led the efforts of implementing student success coaching across the institution.  Prior to her current role, Dr. White served as the Associate Director for Student Success with University Life working on the division's retention and student success initiatives. Dr. White’s first and foremost passion is creating experiences to support college students throughout their higher education journey.

Dr. White has worked in higher education for 13 years, ranging in experiences from residence life, co-curricular programming, living-learning communities, off-campus student services, student success initiatives, transfer programs, retention initiatives, advising, and success coaching.  Her research interests include transfer students, sense of belonging, student success, retention, and college student development. Dr. White is an active member of the NASPA community and is currently working with colleagues across the country to establish a Knowledge Community specifically for Success Coaching. Dr. White has also served as a Reviewer for the Journal of College Student Development's Research in Briefs section since 2017. 

Dr. White received her Bachelor’s degree in Audiology from the University of Tennessee, a Master’s of Science in Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Indiana University, and her doctorate from George Mason University in Education, specializing in Higher Education.

Recent Presentations

*White, A. (2021, May). Developing, engaging, and motivating your team now and in the future panel.  University Life Student Success Symposium. Virtual.

*White, A. (2021, March). Tau Sigma Keynote Address. Tau Sigma Induction Ceremony. Virtual.

*White, A. (2021, March). Finding your resilient-self in college. United Social Justice Workshop. Virtual.

Thompson White, A. & Campbell, S. (2021, March). Lessons learned: Instituting a campus wide training program for success coaching. NASPA Annual Conference. Virtual.

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Thompson White, A., Lorentson, S. S., & Berry, I. (2020, October) Collaborating in change management to support student success through coaching and advising. NACADA Annual Conference. Virtual.

*Thompson White, A.D. & Dubert, E. (2020, September). Supporting transfer students during the era of COVID-19.  NODA Webinar.

Thompson, A.D. & Agbeshie-Noye, I. (2019, October). Sense of belonging in transfer students. NODA Annual Conference.  Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education.  Houston, TX

*Grites, T., Thompson, A.D., Radwanski, J., Fries, J. (2019, February). Practitioner panel: Transfer transition programs. National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students National Conference.  Association for the Study of Transfer Students. Atlanta, GA.

*indicates invited presentation or panelist