Video 4 - The Submission Process


Components of the submission package

  • Online submissions: you may need to create a login to submit your manuscript.
  • Letter to the editor: should address how manuscript matches the mission of the outlet and is of interest to the audience.
  • 1-6 months for response.

Note: Only submit your manuscript to 1 outlet.

Possible decisions:

  • Accept: if accepted, you may still have some edits to make.
  • Revise and Resubmit:
    • Minor revisions: some editing, adding of literature or chart.
    • Major revisions: reanalyzing or collecting additional data, adding a conceptual framework or literature.
  • Not publishable/Reject
  • Possible reasons for a rejection:
    • Outside the purvey of the outlet’s mission.
    • Makes a limited contribution to the field or not of interest to the audience.
    • Conclusions are not supported by empirical evidence or findings and conclusions are inconsistent.
    • Data are not described appropriately.
    • Other common reasons for rejection: flaws in design, methodology, analysis, or interpretations (make sure your research design is appropriate and rigorous.)

Response to decisions:

  • Keep in mind that accept/revise and resubmit decisions are rare. If you receive a rejection, rather than be discouraged:
    • Take some time away: rest and reflect, and then return to manuscript with a more objective view.
    • Revise using feedback: pay attention to each point raised by the reviewers, diagnose and address each point that is raised, and be open to the feedback and reasons for the feedback.
    • Consult with a co-author and your writing mentor to get advice on how to address the reviews.
    • Write a memo back to the editor that may also go to the reviewers:
      • Take each piece of feedback and create a bulleted list with responses to each bullet.
      • Create a table with the reviewers’ comments and respond to comments in a second column.
        • For minor revisions: your response may go back to just the Editor for a decision.
        • For Major revisions: your response may go back to the initial reviewers.
      • If you don’t agree with reviewers’ feedback, you can state this but you need to support your claim.
      • If asked to add additional material that will put you over the page limit, ask the editor for permission for the additional length if this will strengthen your publication.
    • Consider a different outlet.

Additional advice on how to handle “Revise and Resubmit” and alternative vehicles for publication can be found here: