Video 1 - Introduction


Introduction to the 5 Videos

Outlets for Publication

  • This video discusses tier 1 journals, state journals, regional journals, blogs, magazines, audience, rigor required, and submission guidelines.

Writing Process

  • This video examines how to write for a specific audience and how to remain disciplined in your writing.

Submission Process

  • This video covers how to write letters to accompany your manuscript, guidelines for manuscripts, length of peer review, what to do if you are rejected, and how to respond to revising and resubmitting reviews.


  • This video reviews how to market your final product through social media, emails, and working with editors.

Jaime and Jan’s Tips on Getting Published

  • Take time to review the videos and the resources accompanying the videos.
  • Identify a paper that you have written that you want to get published. You can follow along with the videos with your paper.