Certificate Details

This section is for students seeking a graduate certificate in the Higher Education Program. We've assembled these resources to help you succeed in your graduate work. We encourage you to return often during your time at Mason. You are important to us, and your success in graduate school is our primary focus.

After reviewing the information on certificates provided here, contact us with any questions or comments (link to right). The doctoral student section (link above) has additional information on research and internships.

Two Certificates

The Higher Education Program offers two graduate certificates: college teaching and higher education administration.

A certificate can be completed as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with another advanced degree. The certificate enables students interested in an academic career to enhance their research and analytical skills. Students interested in a professional career are prepared for addressing gender-related challenges in both domestic and global settings.

Graduate Certificate as a Stand-Alone Program

Applicants should fill out the online Application for Graduate Studies and include all the supporting application requirements.

Course Work After Admission
More than half of the credits required for the graduate certificate program must be taken after admission to that program.

Applying Graduate Non-degree Credits towards the Certificate
Students in graduate non-degree (ND) status can apply no more than 6 ND credits towards the certificate. 

Graduate Certificate in Addition to a Degree Program

Students already enrolled in a Mason graduate degree program should submit a Graduate Secondary Certificate Program Application, and students must be admitted to the graduate certificate program at least one semester before completion of certificate requirements.