Practicum Proposals

Proposal Approval and Registration

Plans for the practicum should be completed during the academic semester prior to beginning the practicum. Students write a two-page proposal and submit it with the Request for Approval of Practicum form to for approval.

The instructor of the practicum will review the proposal. Students will be notified by the program when the proposal has been approved.

Proposals are due by the following deadlines:

Deadline for Fall semester: July 1
Deadline for Spring semester: November 1
Deadline for Summer semester: March 1

Once the proposal has been approved, students will receive an override to register for the practicum.

Proposal Components

  • Statement of purpose and rationale
  • List of learning outcomes
  • Description of workplace responsibilities
  • Description of how the purpose of the internship will be accomplished
  • Criteria the supervisor will use to evaluate the internship
  • Plan of work (minimum of 150 hours for three credits) (hours include research and writing time)

Additional Required Documents

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for locating an appropriate practicum site and making arrangements for working within an organization. Students may email for assistance should they need help in finding a practicum site.

Current jobs may not be used for practicum credit. If a student moves to a new position in their organization or takes on special, new responsibilities, they may petition for these to be used for a practicum.

Once the practicum site has been determined, agreement should be made regarding the work to be completed during the practicum experience. Practicum students will work under the direction of a supervisor/mentor, usually a professional staff member at the practicum site who will complete a written evaluation of the individual's performance.