Meet One of HEP's New Master's Students

Christiana Koroma is an incoming MAIS student who is concentrating in Higher Education. She discusses what she hopes to do during her time at Mason.

What made you decide to come to Mason?

I have had the pleasure to be a part of the Mason community since I was in high school. As a high school student I was selected to participate in the Early Identification Program (EIP). EIP is a program that works with first generation bound college students to improve their access to higher education. While in the program I grew a lot as an individual and developed skills that allowed me to graduate from college. After obtaining my BS degree from VCU I was fortunate enough to gain employment at Mason Office. While working at Mason I met so many wonderful people who inspired, motivated and influenced my decision to apply to the Higher Education master’s program.

What are you interested in doing in your time at Mason?

While advancing my education here at Mason I really want to work with first generation students in the area of retention. Being a first generation student myself, I have had great men and women in higher education positively impact my life as mentors, supervisors, coworkers and instructors. I essentially want to do the same for other first gen. Students. 

Can you describe a bit about your graduate assistantship and what you’ll be doing?

Currently I have been blessed to work within University Life at the Science and Technology Campus. As the GA I mainly plan, coordinate, and execute campus-wide programs, which address the needs and interests of students. I draft and submit event contracts to George Mason’s legal team, and create marketing and public relations material for our campus events. I also supervise the student staff body at our location.

What is something you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to do a variety of things depending on my mood. Most of the time you’ll find me listening to music or watching tutorials on YouTube.

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