Jeannie Brown Leonard

Jeannie Brown Leonard

Jeannie Brown Leonard

Dean of Student Academic Affairs – Advising, Retention, and Transitions (Provost Office)

Academic advising; Retention and degree completion; Student success; Academic policy; Transfer students; Integrative learning; Interdisciplinary theory

Jeannie Brown Leonard is Dean of Student Academic Affairs – Advising, Retention, and Transitions (Provost Office).  This unit houses the UNIV curriculum, Project Peak, exploratory student academic advising, as well as retention and student success initiatives. With colleagues across campus, she coordinates the integration of NavigateMason into academic advising practice. She has 30 years of experience in higher education including teaching and administering interdisciplinary studies programs. Prior to her current role, she was a faculty member and director of an interdisciplinary adult degree-completion program at Mason.  Dr. Brown Leonard earned her PhD in College Student Personnel from the University of Maryland, College Park where she focused on college student learning and development, emphasizing student experiences with integrative learning. She completed her master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Vermont, and her bachelor’s degree in psychology is from Mount Holyoke College.

Selected Publications

  • Brown Leonard, J. (2019). Systemic integration of dialogic skills: An opportunity for student affairs/academic affairs partnerships. In M. Baxter Magolda, P. Magolda, & R. Carducci (Eds.), Contested Issues in Troubled Times: Dialogues About Equity, Civility, and Safety. Sterling, VA: Stylus.
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Recent Presentations

  • Brown Leonard, J., Holmes, K., Broeckelman-Post, M., Lorentson, S., & Thompson, A. (2018, September). Supporting student success: Focus on early alert. Accepted panel for the Innovations in Teaching & Learning conference, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.
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  • Borray, A., Brown Leonard, J., Dinise-Halter, A., & Needles, P. (2017, November). Harnessing data and technology to increase student success: Part I. Presentation at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Brown Leonard, J., Campagna, M., Fath, J., Mueller, A., & Nutt, C. (2017, October 3). Invited panel member: Rising expectations and the evolving role of academic advising. Driving Toward a Degree meeting, Tyton Partners, Boston, MA.
  • Brown Leonard, J., & Bartles, E. (2017, September 22). Leveraging the Student Success Collaborative to promote advising as teaching. Poster presented at the Innovations in Teaching in Learning conference, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.
  • Ireland, M-Y., Brown Leonard, J., Ho, K., & Fladd, L. (2017, February). Strategies for redesigning advising and student supports. Presentation at the Achieving the Dream Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.
  • Brown Leonard, J. (2014, September). Leveraging technology to provide signature academic advising experiences. Presentation at the Innovations in Teaching & Learning conference. George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.
  • Brown Leonard, J. (2014, May). SSC summer strategy: Developing an effective master plan, Webinar Presenter, Education Advisory Board.
  • Brown Leonard, J., Crabill, S., Robinson, S., & McCann, C. (2017, October 20). Challenges and 0pportunities surrounding an interdisciplinary reorganization of higher education institutions. Panel facilitator at the Association of Interdisciplinary Studies Annual Meeting, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), Baltimore MD.
  • Carmichael, T., Brown Leonard, J. Stowe, D., Brooks, B., Widders, E., Magness, M. (2015, October). Measuring the Impact of Interdisciplinary Learning: A Panel Discussion of Effective Assessment. Presentation at the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Annual Meeting, Merrimack College, North Andover, MA.
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