Welcome to the HEP alumni page! This page is for HEP alumni to stay in touch with the program and with each other. HEP alumni work in a diverse range of positions across the higher education enterprise providing leadership and direction in community colleges, 4-year universities, education technology companies, policy institutes, and other organizations.

We hope that you will consider being a resource for our current students and help us continue to be of service to you and your lifelong career development.

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Meet a few alumni from our programs!

  • Kaitlin Cicchetti

    Kaitlin Cicchetti

    Director of Advancement for University Life

    Internationalization of higher education; International branch campuses; Student transitions to college

  • David Farris

    David Farris

    Director, Safety and Emergency Management, Environmental Health and Safety

    organizational behavior; university governance; organizational citizenship behavior; university committees and teams

  • Jonathan Goldman

    Jonathan Goldman

    Director of IT and Security, College of Engineering and Computing

  • Carrie Klein

    Carrie Klein

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Adrienne White

    Adrienne White


    Transfer students, sense of belonging, student success, retention, and college student development