Adjunct Faculty

  • Hollie M Chessman

    Hollie M Chessman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • David Farris

    David Farris

    Director, Safety and Emergency Management, Environmental Health and Safety

    organizational behavior; university governance; organizational citizenship behavior; university committees and teams

  • Amber Holton-Thomas

    Amber Holton-Thomas


    Higher education, Federal financial aid policy, Pell Grants, Women in higher education, nontraditional and contemporary students in higher education, critical quantitative methods, critical theory

  • Carrie Klein

    Carrie Klein

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Dennis A Kramer

    Dennis A Kramer

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Creston Lynch

    Creston Lynch


  • Hironao Okahana

    Hironao Okahana

    Adjunct Faculty

    Higher Education Policy, Finance, & Data; Diversity & Inclusiveness in Graduate Education; Career Pathways & Labor Market Outcomes of Master’s and Doctoral Education

  • Jonathan M Turk

    Jonathan M Turk

    Adjunct Faculty

    College student success and completion; community colleges; higher education policy; advanced quantitative methods