Higher Education
College of Humanities and Social Sciences


The portfolio gives students an opportunity to summarize practicum experiences and document insights gained. In the portfolio, students describe and evaluate the practicum experience. Students should create a portfolio with an eye for external readers. Portfolios may be presented either in an interactive electronic format or as a bound hard copy with appropriate sections and tabs.

Students should submit the portfolio to the Director of Academics immediately after the completion of the practicum on an agreed upon date.

Portfolio Components

The portfolio should Include the following, at a minimum: 

  1. Weekly journal entries that document learning experiences and lessons, as well as reflections and goals for problem situations
  2. Materials developed as part of the practicum experience including syllabi, tests, reports, or policy memos
  3. Additional evidence of meeting learning objectives, such as video of classroom interactions, web sites, Power Point, overheads, sample tests, readings, and other materials, etc.
  4. 3-4 page paper reflecting on how this experiential learning opportunity has helped develop awareness of issues in higher education (references to higher education coursework are expected)
  5. Written mentor evaluation (see link to left) 
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