Practica provide an important educational experience that complement your academic program.

Students in the certificate or MAIS program complete one three-credit practicum. The practicum requires a minimum of 150 hours of work.

To learn about the practicum course and its prerequisites, see link to HE 685. See the other links to left for more information on practicums. Be sure to read the tips on planning practicums.

Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to locate an appropriate practicum site and make arrangements for working within an organization. You may seek help in locating a suitable position from your knowledge area advisor or the Higher Education Program.

You may not use your current job for practicum credit. If you move to a new position in your organization or take on special, new responsibilities, you may petition for these to be used for a practicum.

Once the practicum site has been determined, agreement should be made regarding the work to be completed during the practicum experience. Practicum students will work under the direction of a supervisor/mentor, usually a professional staff member at the practicum site who will complete a written evaluation of the individual's performance.

Proposal Approval and Registration

Plans for the practicum should be completed during the academic semester prior to beginning the practicum. Students write a two-page proposal and submit it to Dr. Lori Cohen Scher along with the Request for Approval of Internship Form, which must be signed by your knowledge area advisor and practicum mentor. See link to left for more information on proposals.

Please submit your proposal and Request for Approval of Internship form by one the following deadlines:

Deadline for Fall: July 1
Deadline for Spring: November 1
Deadline for Summer: March 1

Once your proposal has been approved, you will receive the five-digit CRN code. You can use this to register for your practicum.


Grades for practicums are based on two factors.

  • Written evaluation of the mentor (see link to left)
  • Practicum portfolio (see link to left)

In addition to the required portfolio, students will be required to complete a structured reflection with peers on Blackboard.

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