Research Apprenticeship

HE 785 – Research Apprenticeship (3 credits)

Pre-requisite: HE 610

The Research Apprenticeship provides students pursuing a thesis the opportunity to gain experience participating in a research or assessment study under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Students should anticipate that a 3-credit apprenticeship will require at least 150 hours of work.  

Student Responsibilities

It is the student’s responsibility to locate an appropriate faculty mentor and make arrangements for working on a research or assessment study with that faculty member. The student may seek help in locating a suitable apprenticeship from their advisor or HEP faculty.

Proposal Requirements

Each proposal should include:

  1. A statement of purpose and rationale for the research apprenticeship.
  2. List/description of learning outcomes.
  • A description of research responsibilities or list of proposed readings (should be about 2,000 pages).
  1. Proposed frequency of contact with faculty mentor and the nature of discussions at those meetings.
  2. A description of how learning outcomes will be accomplished.
  3. A rubric or criteria describing how student learning will be assessed.

Proposals are due to the director by the following deadlines:

  • Deadline for Fall: July 1
  • Deadline for Spring: November 1
  • Deadline for Summer: March 1

The student should submit the Research Apprenticeship Signature Form with their faculty mentor’s signature along with their proposal to the director. Once the proposal has been approved and signed by the director, the student will receive permission to enroll in HE 785. The student should send the fully signed Research Apprenticeship Signature Form to the academic coordinator. A CRN code will then be created and given to the student which they can then use to register for HE 785 on Patriotweb. The letter grade assigned to the apprenticeship is awarded by the faculty mentor.

The Request for Approval of Research Apprenticeship form can be found on the right-hand sidebar.