Higher Education
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Doctoral Portfolio

All DA students complete a portfolio. The portfolio purpose and contents are described below.

If you were admitted into the DA program prior to fall 2010 and your knowledge area is higher education administration/leadership, you can choose to fulfil the old portfolio requirements (link on right).

Purpose of the Portfolio

Students complete a Higher Education Program portfolio regardless of the knowledge area.

The portfolio is an organized, selective collection of statements designed to facilitate a student's academic and professional development, and to provide a basis for evaluating degree progress. The portfolio represents the scope and depth of a student's goals, plans, and accomplishments in coursework, independent study, research, internships, and other advanced learning activities in both the knowledge area and the education core. The portfolio thus provides both a vehicle for self-reflection and a comprehensive record of a doctoral student's experiences and ongoing progress toward academic and professional goals. Students should create a portfolio with an eye for external readers. Portfolios may be presented either in an interactive electronic format or as a bound hard copy with appropriate sections and tabs.

Students use the portfolio to:

  • Define and clarify academic and professional goals
  • Formulate specific plans to achieve discipline related research and field-based activities
  • Reflect upon the process and results of their scholarly activities
  • Demonstrate readiness to proceed to the dissertation phase of the doctoral program

Portfolio Resources:

EDIT 772 - Web-Based Instructional Tools

Credits: 1-3 (RT)

Provides overview of web development tools. Using instructional design principles, students interact with variety of web publishing software programs to develop a project web site.

Hours of Lecture or Seminar per week: 1-3
Hours of Lab or Studio per week: 0


If you would like to discuss the portfolio with a student who has finished this requirement, please email our office for contact information at hepadmin@gmu.edu.

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