Higher Education
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Advancement to Candidacy

Advancement to Candidacy is the last major step before you can register for HE 999 Doctoral Dissertation.

Before you can be advanced, you must have completed the following satisfactorily:

  • All course work in the education core and knowledge area
  • Two comprehensive examinations (passed)
  • Two internships
  • Approved dissertation committee appointed by the dean's office
  • An approved proposal*

 *Students should check with their catalog year to see if an approved dissertation proposal is required before being advanced to candidacy. 

Evidence of the completed course work, comprehensive exam and portfolio, an approved dissertation committee, and approved proposal (if required in the student's catalog year) must be on file in the dean’s office before a student can be advanced to candidacy.

Advancement Process

Submit the following paperwork to the academic program coordinator for review and audit.

  • Original proposal signature sheets
  • Copy of GMU unofficial transcript
  • New, clean program of study that exactly matches your George Mason University transcript

The academic program coordinator submits these materials to the dean's office for official approval. The dean's office sends the student a letter of Advancement to Candidacy with a copy to the program.

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